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Field Report

Specialist in Salary and Time Management

Cristhian, at LEONI since June 31, 2017, started as operator and is now a Time Management Specialist.

My story at LEONI

II am Cristhian Javier Morinigo Rodriguez, and I've been at LEONI since June 31, 2017. Throughout my career here, I've held various positions. I started as a production operator, then became a production trainer, specializing in assembly processes. Later, I transitioned to the role of Specialist in Time Management, which I currently hold.

My journey at LEONI began as a production operator, where I learned about automobile electrical systems. Through hard work and curiosity, I became versatile and eventually a coach, passing on my knowledge to others. Recognizing my potential, Human Resources recruited me as a Specialist in Time Management.

Additionally, I am part of the CIPA Committee (Internal Commission for Accident Prevention) and the brigade team, trained to handle any accidents or issues within the plant responsibly.

This is my job

Start of the day: I wake up at 5:00 am, shower, prepare for the day, and tidy the house before leaving. 

Morning: Upon arriving at work, which is 10 minutes away, I check the day's activities, assist night shift colleagues leaving, and morning shift colleagues arriving. I process documents and communicate with state institutions. 

Lunch: I have lunch with colleagues and check in with the babysitter about my son. Evening: I review clock records, address any errors, complete tasks assigned by my supervisor, then head to university. 

End of the day: After returning from college, I spend quality time with my son, have a family dinner, prepare for the next day, and ensure my son is ready for bed. 

What I really like about LEONI is the abundance of opportunities it offers for professional growth. The firm's globalization and frequent visits from people worldwide provide the chance to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds.

My highlight

My most exciting moment at LEONI so far has been when I have been promoted to Specialist Time Management in recognition of my hard work over the years.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I chose LEONI as an employer because of its potential as a company, its recognition in both the national and international markets, and the growth opportunities it offers to university students like me. The culture at LEONI is very refreshing, primarily due to the work environment I experience with my colleagues, the constant training they offer us, and the various activities we engage in to maintain high levels of harmony, communication, and motivation.

LEONI in 3 words? History, Vision, Fellowship

My tips

I would recommend having discipline and perseverance above all else, being responsible and committed to the company. In this way, it's only a matter of time before LEONI recognizes you for your positive actions and offers you opportunities for growth, just as they did for me.

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