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Field Report

Segment Manager CV

Fanny, at LEONI since 05/2016, rose from operator to Segment Leader, overseeing 150 employees for clients like Caterpillar, IVECO, CNH, AGCO

My story at LEONI

I'm Fanny Marlene Duarte, I have been at LEONI since May 2016. I'm a graduate in Production Technology. I started as a production operator and from there, my career was on the rise. I am currently working as Segment Leader for the CV client, overseeing projects such as Caterpillar, IVECO, CNH, AGCO, with approximately 150 people under my charge.

I began my journey at LEONI as a production operator in the CV line, then moved to the prototype department, developing harnesses for new products. In various departments, including engineering, I focused on enhancing production capabilities, staff ergonomics, and production planning. I also implemented English programs and 5S initiatives, leading people and planning continuous improvement actions. Currently, as Segment Leader, I focus on production capacity, timely deliveries, harness planning, discipline, responsibility, and management. I approach each role with commitment and gratitude for the growth opportunities provided by the company.

This is my job

Start of the day: I wake up at 03:45 in the morning, enjoy mate and terere (traditional drinks), and arrive at the plant by 05:00 for a quiet breakfast. I handle morning tasks like absenteeism and production planning, organizing meetings with supervisors.

Morning: I ensure raw material availability for the day and week, giving guidelines in a 15-minute meeting. I participate in management meetings to discuss issues and results.

Lunch time: I relax during lunch, check in with family, and return to work after dessert.

Evening: I review first shift production, advise the second shift, and meet with supervisors to address absenteeism until 5 p.m.

End of the day: I relax at home, shower, have dinner, and if needed, check on production. I attend English classes provided by LEONI until 01:00 a.m. before sleeping.

I am thrilled to engage with my colleagues. We've fostered a familial bond, spending ample time together in unity, perseverance, communication, and commitment. Our daily collaboration strengthens our connection.

My highlight

At LEONI, every stage of professional growth has left a lasting mark on my career and memory. In challenging situations, I've succeeded with intellect and efficiency, thanks to the strong support and guidance from my superiors and colleagues.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I chose LEONI because it offered a great opportunity to explore a new field and delve into topics I'm passionate about, like cables, connectors, and electrical systems. Living nearby the plant also facilitates mobility during critical moments. The culture at LEONI fosters globalization, allowing interaction with colleagues from diverse cultures, promoting friendship despite language and nationality barriers, all while emphasizing respect, responsibility, and professional growth.

LEONI in 3 words? Strength, Responsibility, Potential

My tips

The advice I would give is to always be responsible and eager to learn, seize every opportunity for growth with perseverance, and find joy in what you do every day.

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