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Field Report

Renault Supervisor

Sintia, a professional cook, joined LEONI 8 years ago as an operator and is now a production supervisor at Renault.

My story at LEONI

My name is Sintia Rosana Medina. I am a professional cook, and it has been eight years since I arrived at LEONI through a job interview with Mr. Raúl Romero, who was the Human Resources manager at the local level at that time. I started as a production operator and was later selected for a trip to Morocco for the Renault project training. From there, I became a production speaker, and now I have the brilliant opportunity to lead as a production supervisor in the Renault area.

This is my job

Start of the day: I initiate Good-Day meetings with the entire team, recording relevant notes and goals to be achieved daily and weekly.

Morning: I begin by outlining my production plan and adjusting team configurations based on absences.

Lunch time: I dine with the team, discussing the day's experiences, challenges, and production progress, seeking solutions if objectives aren't met.

Evening: I conduct line tours to ensure optimal performance, actively engaging with the team and providing necessary guidance.

End of the day: I express gratitude to the team for their efforts, review leadership orders, plan pending tasks for the next day, then retire to spend time with family.

For me, every day is exciting as I encounter diverse challenges that enhance my professional growth. Resolving these conflicts brings great personal satisfaction.

My highlight

One of the highlights of my career at LEONI was my training trip to Morocco, where I not only learned to execute and assemble harnesses accurately but also experienced a completely different culture with beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I chose LEONI as my employer because of the excellent opportunities it offers for professional growth through national and international training. This focus on continuous learning and development sets LEONI apart from many companies in Paraguay. The work culture at LEONI emphasizes unity and respect for all, with a strict policy against discrimination.

LEONI in 3 words? Opportunity, Respect, Potential

My tips

I would advise to value and seize the excellent opportunities for professional growth that LEONI offers. Taking advantage of these opportunities will not only enhance performance within the company but also open doors for future opportunities in any organization, locally and globally.

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