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Field Report

Cutting Supervisor

Gustavo, at LEONI since 2017, discovered his potential in Production Technology after years as a cutting operator.

My story at LEONI

I am Gustavo Barrios, and I have been working at LEONI since 2017. Thanks to my experience here, I've discovered many things about myself, both professionally and personally. After months of uncertainty, I chose Production Technology as my main career. I worked as a cutting operator for many years, demonstrating my potential and commitment. These efforts paid off in 2022 when I was promoted to Cutting Supervisor.

This is my job

Start of the day: I begin by taking a refreshing bath, preparing meals, and then biking to LEONI.

Morning: I start the workday with a Good morning meeting with the cutting team, addressing absences and overtime hours from the previous day. I also inspect the cutting area to ensure everything is in order.

Lunch Time: I have lunch with my support team, discussing morning challenges and solutions while enjoying pleasant music.

Evening: I ensure cleanliness in each work area and hold a brief meeting with my colleague to discuss tasks, achievements, and issues from the morning shift, preparing for the second shift.

End of the day: After studying at university, I have dinner with my parents. I remain available via corporate phone to address any production line issues that may arise.

What excites me the most is to have the certainty that I can grow even more at LEONI since as a company they always recognize and reward those who are most committed to the firm, in addition to serving as an unparalleled experience for my professional development.

My highlight

The most exciting moment I've experienced with LEONI was when I was selected as an operator to support new machines in our Mexico plant, leveraging my expertise gained here to teach and learn from different work dynamics.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I chose LEONI for its national and international market recognition, confident it would offer unparalleled development. Its culture fosters teamwork and trust, crucial in a 24-hour plant where reliance on others' work is paramount.

LEONI in 3 words? International, Commitment, Potential

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